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About Us

Midwood Entertainment is a boutique multi-faceted agency that offers dedicated guidance to venues, festivals, and events. Established in 2015, Midwood Entertainment is one of the South East’s leading Talent Buying and Event Production Companies representing a diverse roster venues and festivals around the country.

The personal attention, focus and commitment provided by the Midwood team, help set an industry standard. From day-to-day strategizing to big picture brainstorming, Midwood Entertainment understands that constant growth in an ever changing industry is imperative.

Aside from providing booking services for musicians and bands, Midwood Entertainment also offers consultation and Talent Buying for festivals & venues throughout the East Coast. This division provides turn-key festival and event services including talent buying, consulting for staff and contractor hires, ticketing, site design, onsite activations, maximizing income opportunities, and enhancing the overall festival experience for attendees.

In just over the past 7 years, Midwood Entertainment has built relationships with promoters, venues, and music industry tastemakers from around the country. Because of the collective experience in club and venue management, Midwood understands the needs of both their clients and of talent buyers; this knowledge allows him to bridge the gap between the two. Midwood Entertainment’s ultimate goal is always to build and maintain successful and sustainable careers for their clients. 

Midwood Entertainment, LLC

Charlotte, NC 

Phone:     704-900-1965

Micah Davidson
President / Head of Event Division / Lead Event Strategist

Monica Smith

Head of Venue Division / Talent Buyer

Lara Supan
Head of Artist Division / Agent

Elyce Turner 

Event Coordinator

Kristen Ahrens 

Event Specialist

Kirsten Simmons

Asst to Monica Smith

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